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A cloud service provider is a vendor that offers cloud-based infrastructure or storage services. The provider handles all of the maintenance on the cloud environment, so the customer only has to worry about the data and applications they’re storing on the cloud. Cloud service providers can sometimes cover companies who offer cloud-based or SaaS applications, but this article will focus on providers that offer cloud infrastructure.

When choosing cloud storage services, there's a good chance two of the choices at the top of your list are Dropbox vs. Google Drive — for good reason! Both are popular, value-packed cloud storage options with file sharing, file syncing, and file backup capabilities.
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Despite the fact that “cloud computing” is one of the most active buzz terms in technology these days, many people who have yet to take advantage of a cloud network are still a bit unclear on what the actual benefits are. We hear a lot about improving efficiency, increasing productivity, and even enhancing web security, all in connection to cloud computing. But here are 5 of the specific ways in which cloud computing can do these things, whether for a professional, a student, or merely for personal use.

Cloud Service providers are vendors which provide Information Technology (IT) as a service over the Internet. Cloud computing is a term which is used for storing and accessing data over the internet. It doesn’t store any data on the hard disk of your PC. Cloud companies helps you to access your data from a remote server.

Cloud computing companies services range from full application development platforms to servers, storage, and virtual desktops. Here is a handpicked cloud service providers list. This cloud provider list contains various types of cloud computing services that are available in the market.

Earlier we used to store our data in hard drives on a computer. Cloud Computing services have replaced such hard drive technology. Cloud Computing service is nothing but providing services like Storage, Databases, Servers, networking and the software through the Internet.

Few Companies offer such computing services, hence named as Cloud Computing Providers Companies”. They charge its users for utilizing such services and the charges are based on their usage of services.

Free storage and sharing are part of the allure of public cloud storage services like Dropbox, Box and Google Drive. When it comes to the security of your data in the Cloud, there’s a substantial difference between “free” and “no value.”