How the Cloud Will Redefine Data Storage

With technology rapidly evolving, one would make the natural assumption that people would adapt accordingly. Unfortunately, this has not yet been the case specifically in regard to how users protect and store their crucial data.

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Look around – it is highly unlikely to see anyone not attached to some technological device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.). All of their data is stored on their tiny piece of hardware and/or on their home computers. Regrettably, accidents are common.

Current Deprecated Storage Methods:

Some of the most popular data storage procedures used today are external hard drives or tape drives. People rationalize their decision to use these by stating ‘disaster will not strike; the odds are minimal.’ However, this is statistically incorrect as they open themselves up to a plethora of catastrophes including theft, natural disasters, accidental file deletion, or faulty machinery. Additionally, an external hard drive is no different than an internal hard drive of which the life expectancy can be just a few short years. The exposure is just too great, especially with a relatively new way to store your data effectively and safely.

The Future:

In reality, online (cloud) backup has been around for quite some time however individual users are only now transitioning to this storage process. For just a few dollars per month (or even for free), a person can sign up for an online backup package and will never have to worry about data loss or theft. Furthermore, with online backup, a user can access their data from any of their devices with an internet connection. Are you always on-the-go? No problem. Want to share your files in seconds? Simple. Worried about security? Online backup companies specialize in highly secured data protection and theft prevention. Memories and the files that come along with it are an integral part of your life. Why take the unnecessary risk?

Increased Productivity:

The amount of hours spent toward storing data offline is rather inefficient. Companies employ teams that can amount to dozens of employees just for their data storage needs. Aside from the obvious additional and unnecessary costs incurred, this type of storage method is extremely inefficient compared to online backup and in turn decreases workplace productivity. Any firm (or individual for that matter) who chooses to transition to online backup, even a not so reliable service, will free up time that should be allocated toward other important business related activities, instead of working on nitty-gritty work such as offline backup.

More importantly, online backup creates far better methods of communication in regard to data storage. For example, it enables one employee to upload files to the cloud and share it with the relevant parties all at the click of the mouse. While this may seem insignificant, small changes in how people can cut down on time consuming and frustrating work likely will increase their overall motivation and work ethic.

These are just a few of the reasons why cloud backup will most likely become a household item in the very near future and will essentially redefine the way we store our data.